You are in dire need of surgery to save your life. Who do you call? Your surgeon or the insurance company?

Now let’s change that scenario to your car. You were just in a horrible car accident and the car is all bashed up. Don’t call the insurance company call your car doctor! Call Auto Painters Plus!

Let’s face it. The insurance company’s main objective is to repair your car at a minimum cost. They are here to make money.

Our objective is for you is to “Love your car again“. The difference in focus can make all the difference to you.

We concentrate on these areas:

  • Hassle – Once your claim is filed we work with the insurance company so you don’t have to.
    We arrange the estimates/ inspections, we review the original estimate, we select premium replacement parts, and we get the vehicle back to you just like the the accident never happened.
  • Knowledge – Many unscrupulous insurers will take advantage of your inexperience and pay far less than your claim is worth. This results in inferior repairs or no repairs at all.
  • Safety – Your vehicle has many parts that can be hidden and are often missed by causal inspection. We perform a detailed inspection and if something is missed we talk with the insurance company to get it included in the repair.
  • Appearance – We perform a wide range of repairs, including frame off restorations. We can restore your vehicle to it’s before accident appearance. In many cases customers remark that their vehicles look better than before.
  • Warranty – We want you to love your and be able to depend on it. Accident covered repairs in most cases have a three to five year warranty(better than industry standard).
  • Resale Value – When your vehicle is repaired right you get the maximum resale value when you trade or sell your car. No Surprises.

So the choice is up to you choose the surgeon(Auto Painters Plus) or the insurance company.